Complaints Handling Procedure


In accordance with the guidelines of the Bank of Mauritius, we are pleased to inform you that La Prudence Leasing Finance Co Ltd has set up a Complaints Handling Procedure regarding services offered by the Company. Our Complaints Coordinator is Yannick Lai.

Prescribed Delays

The Company undertakes to:

  • Acknowledge in writing your complaint within three days from filing of Complaint; and
  • Revert back to you in writing with the Company’s final decision on the matter within 90 days from the date on which Complaint has been filed with us. In the event that the Company has failed to revert back to you with a reply to your satisfaction within the above-mentioned 90 days, you may contact:

The Deputy Governor
Bank of Mauritius
Sir William Newton Street
Port Louis

How to file a Complaint?

You may file your complaint:

  • by addressing the issue with any employee or official representative who shall provide you full assistance; or
  • by sending directly an e-mail to the following address:; or
  • by calling directly our Complaints Coordinator or her assistant on 212 – 0690; or
  • by sending a letter to our Complaints Coordinator at

Dominique Nicolin
Complaints Coordinator
La Prudence Leasing Finance Co Ltd
United Docks Business Park
Kwan Tee Street
Port Louis.


Please enclose all relevant and material evidence which may assist us to better consider the nature of your complaint



Privacy policy


This privacy policy applies to LPLF. This policy explains how LPLF handles personal information and complies with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 2004 ("DPA").

Collecting personal information relating to individuals

Personal information collected include mainly personal data submitted to LPLF by the client in their application forms both for leases and deposits, information collected for any service that LPLF provides or may provide or any information transferred to LPLF by third parties under any other agreement. LPLF collects personal information for a range of business purposes from sources such as its clients, employees, car dealers and other parties. The information relates to the personal details of the clients and other business contacts such as names, addresses (whether permanent or contact), mobile or telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, job designation, salary and financial status. In most cases, the information collected would be from individuals with whom LPLF has a business relationship and the medium of collection is either through forms or other types of interaction whether by email conversations or through third parties when there is no direct interaction.

Uses of personal information

Our main purposes for collecting personal information about individuals are:

  • Providing services;
  • Responding to requests;
  • Maintaining client relationships;
  • Notifying clients of our product offerings and developments;
  • Reporting and management;
  • Recruiting and employee management and
  • Any purpose that would relate to our business

Personal information provided to LPLF or any other intermediary, is used for the purposes of lease and deposit processing (including credit analysis, processing, debtors’ handling, insurance, amongst others) or to provide a service to the client. For client acceptance or assessing any request for lease or deposit made, LPLF may undertake checks against publicly available information such as court judgments/ orders, politically exposed persons’ database, United Nations Sanctions List, adverse media search, etc.

Disclosure of personal information

LPLF may share personal information with its service providers, other leasing companies, and with any intermediary acting for us, as well as recognised governing/regulatory bodies. LPLF may also participate in industry databases under the supervision of the Bank of Mauritius and the Financial Services Commission. LPLF may, in certain circumstances, use the services of Legal Advisors, loss assessors / loss adjusters, surveyors and Insurance Companies. LPLF does not routinely disclose personal information to other entities unless it is required by Law or implicates any other legitimate reason.

Sensitive personal data

For the performance of any contract made with client, LPLF may need to collect sensitive personal data relating to the client (such as past convictions). By signing on the Data Protection Form, the client consents to such information being used, processed and disclosed.

Security of personal information

LPLF will endeavour to take all reasonable steps to keep secure any information, which it holds about the client, whether electronically or in hard copy, and to keep this information accurate and up to date.

Retention of personal data

LPLF will not retain the client’s data for longer than is necessary for the purposes for which it is obtained as stipulated in the DPA.

Corrections and concerns

Should the client have any concerns about how LPLF is handling his/her personal information or if he/she believes that LPLF holds any data about him/her, which is incorrect or out of date, he/she may contact LPLF who shall try to resolve those concerns.

Privacy on our web sites

This policy also applies to any personal information that LPLF collects via its websites.

Effect of policy

LPLF operates in a dynamic business environment. Over time, aspects of its business may change to respond to changing market conditions. This may require policies to be reviewed and revised. LPLF reserves the right to change its privacy policy at any time and notify its clients by posting an updated version of the policy on its website or by display on its premises.

La Prudence Leasing Finance Co Ltd
United Docks Business Park
Kwan Tee Street
Port Louis
Tel: 212 8256


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